Understanding Agribusiness

Course Description


Agribusiness is at the core of most economies around the world. The business of feeding peopleremains both complex and extremely important. According to the World Bank, food and agribusiness is a US $5 trillion industry that represents 10 percent of global consumer spending.

In a global food system impacted by growing populations, economic growth, globalization, climate challenges, disruptive technologies, and evolving consumer demands, we must find smarter ways to produce food and to operate food businesses.

Guided bythe team at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, this course will introduce the concepts at the heart of agribusiness; including value chain thinking, the dynamics of markets, and the changing nature of consumer behavior.

You will learn what it is that sets agribusiness apart from other business sectors and the difference between supply chain and value chain thinking. You will gain an understanding of food markets and the distinctive factors that influence them. There will be a focus on the role that consumers play in the value chain - why they make the food choices they do and what changing food demand means for agribusiness. This course will showcase Australian agribusinesses, providing genuine insights into the concepts discussed.

In an increasingly complex sector, this course will help you think differently about the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead for agribusiness.

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