Course Description


This free course explores transport and the issues of sustainability. Transport plays a critical part of most people's life but it also creates complex issues for sustainability. You will first investigate the concerns with respect to the use of transport energy, which here mainly concentrates upon road transport vehicles. There is then a detailed consideration of road transport technologies, starting with the established technologies of petrol and diesel, before moving on to explore how these can be made more sustainable. This includes a short overview of petrol and diesel engines and how they work. Finally, you will look at the question of how to achieve a move to radically cleaner transport technologies and transport systems for a low-carbon future.


After studying this course, you should be able to:

- Outline the energy and environmental impacts of transport activities, and their importance

- Identify the key points of relevant legislation and targets relating to vehicle emissions

- Describe the low-carbon fuels and vehicle technologies that are becoming available to reduce emissions

- Compare the environmental improvements that these transport technologies and fuels can deliver

- Understand that both technical and behavioural changes have a role in achieving transport sustainability.

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