Course Description :


In this course, we will explore the steps organizations use to select suppliers for raw materials, bring those raw materials to a manufacturing facility, and turn those resources into a finished product. After the manufacturing process is completed, the goods must be delivered to the customer. All of these steps are part of the supply chain. Along the way, things may happen that hinder the smooth operations of the supply chain management process. These might include problems with a supplier, changes in laws, inefficiencies, hidden costs, or many other factors.

As you study, consider how the concepts could be applied to real-world situations, and relate them to your own experiences as a consumer and a businessperson. Even if you do not have plans to work in supply chain management, understanding the process will enable you to be a more effective professional in any field.


This course includes the following units:

- Unit 1: Fluctuations in the Supply Chain

- Unit 2: Supply Chain Procurement

- Unit 3: Supply Chain Distribution


This course is entirely free to enroll in and to access. Everything linked in the course, including textbooks, videos, webpages, and activities, is available for no charge. This course also contains a free final exam and course completion certificate.

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