Green Economy and Trade

Course Description


Trade can power a greener economic recovery from the pandemic. Global demand for environmental goods and services is set to rise, as countries roll out rescue packages with large provisions for climate-friendly solutions. This course introduces participants to key approaches to harness green trade opportunities.


What you will learn

Participants completing the course will be able to:

- Outline the evolution of legal and governance frameworks underpinning the trade and green economy interface

- Identify perceived challenges and potential opportunities related to trade in the transition to a green economy

- Describe enabling policy conditions to foster green trade practices

- Highlight sectoral case studies of green trade in action

Completion requirements

A final quiz composed of ten multiple choice questions serves to assess learners’ achievement of the course’s learning objectives. The quiz can be taken at any time and attempted up to three times. Learners need to pass the quiz with a score of at least 70%. Once the quiz is successfully passed, a Certificate of Completion will be available for download on the course’s Certification page.

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