Course Description


The ancient Egyptians first identified, studied, and applied the principles of chemistry to extract metal from ores, make alcoholic beverages, glaze pottery, turn fat into soap, and much more. What began as a quest to build better weapons and create potions capable of ensuring everlasting life became the foundation of modern science.


Take a look around you: chemistry is the science that describes everything you touch, see, and feel: from the shampoo you used this morning, to the plastic container that holds your lunch! In this course, we study chemistry from the ground up, beginning with the basics of the atom and its behavior, then progressing to the chemical properties of matter and the chemical changes and reactions that take place all the time in our world.


This course includes the following units:

- Unit 1: Matter and Measurements

- Unit 2: The Atom

- Unit 3: Bonding

- Unit 4: Chemical Formulas and Equations

- Unit 5: States of Matter

- Unit 6: Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics

- Unit 7: Acid-Base and Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

- Unit 8: Nuclear Chemistry

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