Free online courses in Germany

   There are several platforms and institutions that offer free online courses in Germany. Here are a few options you can consider:


1. OpenHPI: OpenHPI is the educational platform of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany. They offer free online courses on topics related to computer science, programming, and technology. The courses are available in German and English.


2. GermanyX: GermanyX is an online learning platform that provides free courses from various German universities and institutions. They offer courses in different subjects, including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.


3. Deutsche Welle: Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, and they offer free language courses for learning German. Their "Deutsch Interaktiv" course is available online and covers various levels of proficiency.


4. Coursera: Coursera is a popular online learning platform that collaborates with universities and institutions worldwide. While most courses on Coursera require payment, they also offer some courses for free. You can search for courses related to your interests and filter the results to find free options.


5. edX: edX is a platform that offers free online courses from universities such as RWTH Aachen University, Technical University of Munich, and others. They provide courses in various subjects, including engineering, computer science, business, and more.


6. MOOCs by German Universities: Many universities in Germany offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that are accessible for free. Some prominent institutions that provide MOOCs include LMU Munich, TU Munich, and University of Hamburg. You can visit the websites of these universities to explore their course offerings.


   Remember to check the course details, requirements, and availability before enrolling, as offerings may vary over time. Additionally, note that while the courses may be free, some platforms may charge a fee if you want to obtain a certificate or access additional features.