Free online courses in Australia offer a flexible and convenient way to acquire new skills, advance your education, or explore personal interests.. Here are some options you can explore:


1. **Open Universities Australia (OUA):** OUA offers a variety of free courses called "Open2Study" courses. These courses cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to provide you with introductory knowledge. Check their website for the latest offerings.


2. **TAFE Queensland:** TAFE Queensland often provides free online courses in various fields, including business, health, IT, and more. Their courses are typically self-paced and can be a great way to gain new skills.


3. **edX:** While many courses on edX are paid, some institutions offer free audit tracks for their courses. You won't receive a certificate, but you can access the course materials for free. Search for courses related to your interests and see if they offer a free option.


4. **Coursera:** Similar to edX, Coursera offers free courses with the option to audit. While you won't get a certificate, you can still access the course content. Look for courses from universities in Australia or from institutions that provide free options.


5. **Khan Academy:** Khan Academy offers free courses in various subjects, particularly focusing on K-12 education, math, science, and more. It's a great resource for self-paced learning.


6. **FutureLearn:** FutureLearn provides both paid and free courses. You can find free courses from universities and institutions worldwide, including some from Australia.


7. **Australian Government Initiatives:** The Australian government sometimes offers free courses and resources through platforms like the Skills and Training website. These might be specifically related to skills training and vocational education.


8. **Local Universities and Colleges:** Check the websites of universities and colleges in Australia. Some institutions offer free short courses or resources as part of their community outreach or promotional activities.


Remember to verify the current availability and offerings of these courses, as things might have changed since my last update. Additionally, keep an eye out for new initiatives or platforms that have emerged since then. Always ensure that the courses you choose align with your learning goals and interests.