Course Description


Hello and welcome to the Pearson Love to Learn: Digital Photography course. No doubt you want to do justice to the images in your mind's eye by capturing and sharing beautiful photos with friends, family, or the wider world. Perhaps (like me) you've been 'pointing- and-shooting' for a while now, taking some good photos, but you're not really sure how. Or maybe you've heard terms like 'aperture' or 'exposure', but have no idea how they relate to your shots, or to each other? 


This course is designed to introduce key concepts and guide you through the process of creating and using shots that you can be proud of. There are 6 units, which you could read through in a few hours. But you might want to pace yourself over a few days or weeks and take time to complete the optional activities.
You'll be guided through the course by John Roe, a digital photography expert who runs workshops for the Royal Photographic Society.


He'll start by dipping your toes in the photographic waters with some quick and non-technical tips. Even if you've been using a camera for years, this first unit could reveal, or remind you of, a few simple tricks. You'll then move through working with colour and light, composing and making the photo and editing and sharing your images. There's also a unit offering inspiration from other photographers.

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