Course Description :


   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming a key focus for businesses of all sizes. Companies are now being expected to make sure their operations and practices are socially and environmentally responsible. It's no longer enough to be profitable - organizations also need to have an impact on the communities and environments around them.


Learn the basics, fundamentals and best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in this free online course. Discover how to effectively improve your organization's social and environmental performance.


Corporate Social Responsibility (Intermediate level)

In this course, we will discover that the origins of corporate social responsibility date back to antiquity, taking into account that the concept has changed over the years (It is of course, continually developing and evolving). The characteristics of CSR will be briefly presented and then we will study the factors that led to the development of ISO 26000: its description, its development and its links to the agricultural / horticultural sector.


Corporate Social Responsibility (Advanced level)

In this course, the Fruits4you Company will serve as an example to understand the approach of social responsibility. It is necessaryfirst to build on the general principles of the ISO 26000’s performance.

The concept of "materialism" will be widely discussed to underline the relevance and scope of the issue for an organization and its stakeholders. It is the dialogue with the stakeholders that ensures the credibility of the social responsibility approach.

The next step will be to put in place concrete actions to render its social commitment. We will then review the seven key questions about the standard ISO 26000 which form the structure of any approach to social responsibility. Finally, we will discuss the problems of incorporating this approach within an organization.