Course Description


Data Science is one among the top careers in today’s world of IT. It becomes very important that you understand the sheer amount of competition and interest the domain gets if you are willing to start your career in this domain. Since Data Science is a very vast domain, it becomes essential that you understand the domain completely. A Data Science role is not just limited to a Data SCientist’s role. Data Analysis is also a major part of Data Science and that helps you explore even more options within the domain itself. This course aims to give you an introduction about Data Science, and give you a lot of clarity in terms of having a roadmap set for your learning. Along with this, the course also provides details about a Data Analyst’s role in terms of responsibilities, salary trends and a lot more!


What you learn in Career in Data Science ?

- Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

- Career roadmap for Data Science

- Roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst

- Data Analyst salary trends


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- Showcase your skills

- Gain a competitive edge

- Stand out to recruiters

- Land your dream job

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