Course Description


This CSS tutorial is designed for beginners and will help you learn various advanced topics with CSS coding examples. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets is a sheet styling language used to describe the presentation of a file written in markup languages such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It is a cornerstone technology alongside HTML and JavaScript. A page layout and design play a major role in engaging the users. It is thus essential to be presentable. CSS, being a styling language, describes how every element in an HTML document should be displayed to the users. 
The course will give you details about presenting web pages, the layout, colors, and fonts by teaching you concepts such as border and box models. It will also help you learn how CSS works and master the course by helping you learn to apply borders in different ways from different directions, padding, and margins. You will gain hands-on experience on CSS tutorial with demonstrated project samples to help you create and design web pages. 


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