Course Description


Algebra lets us solve many different types of calculations by using basic formulas and steps that work regardless of the specific numbers in the problem. For example, we can use an algebraic formula to calculate a monthly payment or to pay off a loan of any size using a given interest rate.


In this course, we explore how to use standard mathematical and business formulas, and how to translate verbal descriptions into mathematical equations to establish relationships and create predictions. In the later units, we explore how to use graphs to make these same predictions. You can apply the problem-solving strategies we discuss in this course to business, science, and many other fields.


This course includes the following units:

- Unit 1: Variables and Variable Expressions

- Unit 2: Linear Equations

- Unit 3: Word Problems

- Unit 4: Inequalities

- Unit 5: Graphs of Linear Equations and Inequalities

- Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

- Unit 7: Operations with Monomials

- Unit 8: Operations with Polynomials

- Unit 9: Factoring Polynomials

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