AWS For Beginners

Course Description


This free AWS for Beginners course starts by addressing why Cloud Computing should be considered. You will understand its importance, benefits, and the solutions it provides to various challenges faced. You will learn about various cloud service models like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in detail. You will understand the cloud deployment models like Public, Private, Community,  and Hybrid. You will go through several Cloud computing myths and understand their actual reasoning. Next, you will get introduced to popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and understand their services. 


You will then understand what AWS is and discuss its several features. This AWS free course will also help you understand AWS career aspects. You will go through the statistics gathered through LinkedIn to understand the skills requirement and AWS certificates needed for various categories. You will also understand the roles and responsibilities of becoming a Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Administrator. You will then jump into the details of AWS infrastructure, where you will understand the concept of AWS regions and availability zones. You will then go through AWS core service domains to understand the services provided across the globe. You will then go through AWS Free Tier Console and understand AWS compute services, where you will get introduced to  Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon Lambda. You will learn about Amazon EC2 service in-depth and go through a hands-on session on creating an Amazon EC2 Instance.

Enroll in this AWS free course for beginners and learn AWS concepts in-depth. Complete all the modules and a quiz at the end of the course to receive an AWS free certificate of course completion.


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